About Capital Abrasives

Our Mission

Capital Abrasives is a solutions-based company that services precision grinding and specialty abrasive applications in a multitude of industries. We utilize our combined experiences and manufacturing partnerships to offer engineered solutions and stock/delivery solutions to keep our customers going.

When it comes to hard work, you want equipment that will work hard for you and your company. At Capital Abrasives, we’ve been dedicated to providing the best materials to the nation’s hardest workers. As a family-owned and family-operated business, we understand the meaning of hard work in its truest form.
For more than 35 years, our Houston-based company has been delivering the highest quality diamond and abrasive grinding wheels to our clients. We also customize wheels to meet the work demands of our industrial clients. At Capital Abrasives, we know it’s about getting the job done and we make certain that every client has precisely what they need to get that job done.
Our Houston clients enjoy the same-day delivery they can’t get anywhere else. Industrial companies and the oil and gas companies in Houston know they can come to us at anytime because we maintain the largest inventory of abrasive grinding wheels in Texas. This inventory also enables us to ship to national and international clients immediately. It is the high quality of products and the efficient service we provide that has made our company the city’s industry leader it is today.